SLAVAPOLIS – A multimedia symphonic composition

Date of concert: Tuesday 15/09/2015 – live satelite transmittion EBU EURORADIO, Rádio Devín, internet stream

Start of concert: 19:00 CET
End of concert: 20:00 CET
Duration of the concert: 55.00 min.
Venue of concert: A4 – nultý priestor (A4 – Zero Space), Bratislava
Title of the concert: SLAVAPOLIS – A multimedia symphonic composition

An audio-visual programme composition consisting of 7 parts, combining a pre-recorded video material with composed electroacoustic music, three live musicians and a live VJ-ing.

TECHNICAL FORM: a concert with a multi-channel surround sound projection

Bratislava- an inconspicuous European town full of striking details on which we are targeting our objectives, microphones and minds with the aim to present the genius loci of this environment in the mosaic of different views and perspectives of the authors belonging to several generations

PARTS: SLAVAPOLIS 1-7 (á 08.00 min.)
TOPICS (1 – 7)
– objects
– culture
– nature
– people
– phenomenon

– Martin Noga (bas trombón)
– Juraj Tomka (husle)
– Lujza Ďurišová (violončelo)

– Rudolf Pepucha
– Juraj Ďuriš
– Milan Hradil
– Miro Tóth
– Robert Rudolf
– Marian Zavarský
– Marek Kundlák

– Jakub Pišek (objects)
– Peter Zakuťanský (objects)
– Andrej Danóczi (people, phenomenon)
– Kaoru Furuko (nature, culture)
– Anton Kajan (culture)

VJ :
– Jakub Pišek

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